The living force is all around us. Just kidding. Forces are all around us. In modern days people measure weight (mass) by pounds of kilograms, but here is some simple intructions on how to make some simple scales:

Get a large yogurt pot and tie four pieces of string evenly around the edge. Tie the ends of the strings together. Get a slightly longer piece and tie that to the knot you made. ATTACH the end of THAT string to a bent wire coat hangar (shape it so it has a hook on both ends and a kinds of pointer pointing outwards). Hook a rubber band onto the other end of the coat hanger and attach the other end of that onto a paper clip. *DEEP BREATH* hang it from a hook. It SHOULD look like this:

Gosh, are you still with me? Put a piece of paper behind it and start measuring wieght. Write them on the paper.


Well, remember Sir Isaac Newton? You know, the guy who had the apple fall on his head? He discovered gravity. These scales would not work without gravity. If gravity was not pulling everything back to Earth, they would just float around and not do much at all. Newton made up his own wieght measurment. 100g = 1N (Newton) and 1 kg (kilogram) = 10N. Simple.

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