YAY I'm gunna be RICH! Just kidding. They are only salt crystals. What do you do? Fill two jars with HOT water. Then put about 6 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in each. They will fizz. Now cut a long piece of wool (ANY colour. I mean, it doesn't matter, does it?) about the length of your arm. Tie a paper clip to each end and put each end in each jar. (sheesh.) The paper clips will keep each end in the jars. Put a small plate between the jars and leave for 1 week. That is what the book says, I say leave it for more.

PhotobucketHA HA HA! Crystals! They are forming on the wool, see?

A few weeks later, this is what it looked like:


PhotobucketCool, huh? The water had drained from one jar into the other one. We don't know why.

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Hi again! Recently I did an awesome science experiment with pressure. I filled a 2 litre drink bottle with water, then cut out a person shape out of plastic and attached a pen lid to his head with a paper clip. Put the person in the bottle, put the lid on, and...DAH-DUM-DAAAAH...I squeezed the bottle and he SANK! I let go and he FLOATED! Here is a picture...

PhotobucketCan you see him? You can draw a background too, and sticky it to the back of the bottle.


Well, an air bubble get trapped in the pen lid when the diver dives into the bottle. Squeeze the bottle, and water gets shoved into the pen lid and squishifies the air bubble, letting water in, so he sinks. (Ahh!) When you release the bottle, the air bubble goes back to normal size again, pushed the water out of the pen lid, making the diver float! Amazing.

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