YAY I'm gunna be RICH! Just kidding. They are only salt crystals. What do you do? Fill two jars with HOT water. Then put about 6 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in each. They will fizz. Now cut a long piece of wool (ANY colour. I mean, it doesn't matter, does it?) about the length of your arm. Tie a paper clip to each end and put each end in each jar. (sheesh.) The paper clips will keep each end in the jars. Put a small plate between the jars and leave for 1 week. That is what the book says, I say leave it for more.

PhotobucketHA HA HA! Crystals! They are forming on the wool, see?

A few weeks later, this is what it looked like:


PhotobucketCool, huh? The water had drained from one jar into the other one. We don't know why.

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