Today I built a rubber band powered car. I followed the instructions and after a few tries it didn't work very well. THEN I had a GREAT idea. It was this: TIGHTEN the wheels to the axel with masking tape instead of blue tack or poster putty. Then we had a couple more tries and IT WORKED!

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Here's a picture:
Rubber-band car
How this car is powered:
When you turn the rubber band, you are creating potential energy, which is stored in the rubber band. When you let go of the rubber band, the potential energy turns into kinetic energy, which is movement. The more potential energy you have, the farther your car will go.
Try taping a tennis ball to it and try to make it carry it!

Here is a picture of the same car, but modified to have a tennis ball on it:

When we tried it with the ball on, it hardly went anywhere. See if you can make your's do better! (Personally I think a baloon would be better than a rubber band.)

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